Letters: Trams would be good for economy

I note that further views are being sought regarding the proposed Kimberley and Eastwood tram extension.

My own view is that the proposed new line would generate the very best form of economic and employment benefits to the area. If after reaching Eastwood via Kimberley and Langley Mill, it were to be extended round a short distance to make a junction with the new railway station at Ilkeston.

A very good example of this type of transport arrangement is at Hucknall, where the existing tram terminus makes a railway junction with the Robin Hood Line station. With a bus and car park next to it adjoining the retail park, thus bringing considerable benefits financially.

By doing it this way, we benefit not only the people and businesses of Kimberley and Eastwood, but also provide additional options for travel for the people of Ilkeston.

Derbyshire County Council could also be asked to contribute to the cost of construction as one of their towns will benefit as a result of this extension.

Trade to all these places can only be enhanced for the benefit of the business and local public communities.

- B George, Nottingham