LETTER: Throw terror suspects out of the country

Am I missing something?

After the terrible attack at Manchester Arena we now learn, in the national media, that the suicide bomber was known to the authorities and CCTV footage shows him going into the building with something that looked like a bomb.

Why wasn’t he stopped then?

We are also told that around 3,000 terrorist suspects are under surveillance around the country. Don’t just keep an eye on them and wait for them to carry out an attack, get in first, arrest them, throw them out of the country and cancel their passports.

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We have the ‘liberal’ minded who would say we can’t do this because it infringes their ‘human rights’. Try explaining that to the people who lost children in this atrocious attack.

These extremists openly admit they hate the Wstern way of life, think all non-Muslims, non-believers are infidels and should be killed. To my mind these ‘cowards’ have declared war on Western society so should be shown no mercy and dealt with accordingly.

These victims were going on a treat of a night out, for many a belated Christmas present, and should have been safe, not tragically taken, the youngest being only eight years old.

I have taken coachloads of children and parents to Sheffield Arena, the last one to see ‘Frozen’ and it never enters your head that something terrible like this could happen. All you think about is getting them there and back safely.

These terrorists need crushing now, once and for all.

Tony Clayton

By email