LETTER: Removing traffic lights may cause chaos

Chesterfield traffic problems.Chesterfield traffic problems.
Chesterfield traffic problems.
Reading your lead story on the front page of last week's Advertiser, I just could not understand the reasoning behind Martin Cassini's argument.

First, these lights are not in the town centre. Second, the traffic using this junction, as those of who do are only too well aware, comprises a high proportion of heavy lorry traffic, much serving the quarries, most of which use A515 and Dale Road, so are turning right (causing the most hold-up obviously) or left into or out of these roads, often causing tailbacks as the turn is sharp for large articulated lorries in particular.

Drivers of smaller vehicles are often not good at giving way either.

Removing the lights I am sure would cause chaos.

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I would suggest a much more positive solution would be to reconfigure the sequence of the lights so that each road has a green light in turn to clear traffic i.e London Road then Green Lane then West Road and so on.

I only wonder when Mr Cassini did his survey? We need a practical, logical solution please.

A. L. Kent