LETTER: Leave EU now and save the country millions

Once again Prime Minister Theresa May has again said that she has no intention of triggering Article 50 to leave the EU this year. '¨Meanwhile the Office of National Statistics has confirmed that each and every day we are in the EU it is costing our nation £52 million, more than the amount claimed by Boris Johnson's team during the referendum campaign for which they were vilified by both the bulk of the media and remain campaigners.

I suspect the only reason for her procrastination is an attempt to find a way to circumvent the referendum result. She is, after all, a fan of the EU as are so many on both sides of the House of Commons and nearly all in the House of Lords.

Once again we see that the only party really serious about Brexit are UKIP and, with some 17.3 million potential votes heading their way, not to mention those who have seen the light since June 23, joining their supporters, I would suggest to the Prime Minister that unless she does get us out before the next General Election there will not be enough seats on the government benches to hold all the UKIP MPs.
Article 50 allows two years for our leaving the EU in order to make the arrangements Mrs May appears to want in place before triggering it. Meanwhile, according to the Office of National Statistics, our taxpayers are going to have to find almost another £50 billion to give to the failed political experiment called the ‘European Union’ over the next 30 months, and that is assuming Article 50 is triggered on January 1 2017.

This is not what those of us who voted ‘leave’ were voting for.

Robert Alan-Haven

By email