LETTER: Footballers are not the only overpaid stars

Although I understand John Wilmott's concerns (letters August 23), I cannot agree with him.

In my view, footballers are no more overpaid than other entertainers such as, for instance, stand-up comedians, singers, cricketers, golfers and tennis players. In the bad old ‘maximum wage’ days, many of them, e.g., Stanley Matthews and Alex James, were grossly under rewarded for their superior talents.

Although I am not ecstatic about spending more than £200 for my Stags season ticket I do not think it compares badly with the price of, say, visits to the cinema, theatre, restaurant or zombie experience.

Referring to my last letter, may I make it clear that February 2010 to Aug 2017 refers to the period over which the poem has been written and rewritten - not to my life span.

Bob Renshaw


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