LETTER: Brexit - Have you actually been anywhere?

John Smith's letter ('We voted '˜out' and that's it' '“ March 2) is in keeping with the misinformation that characterised the Brexit vote.

The only conclusion to draw is that he hasn’t spent much time in continental Europe. Outside Hungary, can he point to the “barbed wire fences” he says are being erected in the Schengen area? I must have driven over them repeatedly in the past year when passing through borders in the area. He says the EU “rested (sic)… havoc” on Mediterranean countries.

He should spend some time in these countries, use their infrastructure, or ask residents if they would like to leave the EU. Furthermore, it was Goldman Sachs, not

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Brussels, that hid Greek sovereign debt – but why let facts get in the way?

In one breath, he complains that politicians have ignored their electorates; in another, he implies the majority will of Ukrainian people – who sought closer integration with the EU – should be ignored because Ukraine has “always been Russia’s domain”.

My guess is that: no, Mr Smith has not spent much time in Kyiv either.

Dr Derek Brower