Kinder Mountain Rescue Team member finds phone after losing it days ago on a rescue

A member of Kinder Mountain Rescue Team who dropped his phone during a rescue last Thursday found his 'damp' phone on the Kinder Plateau after retracing his steps.
The moment of discoveryThe moment of discovery
The moment of discovery

On Thursday of last week Kinder Mountain Rescue Team, along with Buxton Mountain Rescue Team, Edale Mountain Rescue Team, Glossop Mountain Rescue Team and Search And Rescue Dog Association England, were involved in the successful search for a couple of lost walkers "somewhere in the middle of the plateau".

The rescue team said during the tramp across the moor from Kinder Low to Crowden head, via 636, one of the team dropped his phone.

A Kinder Mountain Rescue Team spokesman said: "They found the walkers and handed them over to Buxton MRT who walked them off the hill .... but no phone.

"However, on Saturday afternoon, re-tracing their steps, said team member found his phone ... now that's what I call a good find.

"Intact and slightly damp after a couple of days on the hill, despite the waterproof pouch, the phone is currently in electronic ICU, i.e. safely tucked up in a tub of rice drying out."