Keeping you up to date with the big Parliamentary votes

I want to bring you up to date with a couple of big parliamentary votes because so many of you have got in touch recently.

Last Tuesday, pub landlords were toasting a big victory after Labour MPs helped defeat the Government.

Lots of constituents and campaigners, including CAMRA members, made their feelings pretty clear, so I backed moves to give landlords across Eastwood and the rural areas the right to buy beer from any supplier rather than paying rip off prices when they are forced to buy expensive beer supplied from companies that own the pubs.

If our pub landlords can buy cheaper beer then they will be able to sell us cheaper beer.

I’ve been to more than my fair share of local pubs - in fact my husband proposed to me in the Red Lion in Bagthorpe so I hope this move will help our locals survive and prosper.

The second vote was to protect OUR NHS from privatisation. I don’t think I’ve ever received as many letters and emails on one subject.

The verdict – Eastwood folk love the NHS and we won’t stand by and watch the Government destroy it.

I want everyone to know that last week I voted to scrap the rules that force market tendering of health services which wastes millions of pounds on competition lawyers which should be spent on patients.

I’m delighted we won the vote and now the Lib Dems and Tories need to act to make sure patients are put before profits. Our NHS is NOT for sale.

Immigration is a topic which regularly comes up on the doorstep so I want you to know that I’ve given my backing to Labour’s tough new measures which would ban jobless EU migrants from claiming benefits for TWO years.

At the moment jobseekers can claim out of work benefits after 3 months - it’s not long enough.

In addition we want to stop workers sending child benefit and tax credits to their families overseas.

Eastwood residents have real concerns about immigration and this is an important step in the right direction.

The other day I held a mobile surgery in my local Morrisons in Eastwood. It which was a big hit and a great way to chat to people about their everyday problems.

To do this job, it’s vital I stay as approachable as possible and what better way than a supermarket surgery.