Fire service has important safety advice for parents

Concerns over the safety of young people seeking summer fun have prompted the fire service to urge parents and carers to keep close watch on what their youngsters are up to.

Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging parents and guardians to ensure they know where their children are playing and what they are up to this summer to ensure they stay safe over the holidays.

With schools across the region having broken up, many children will be out and about with friends, enjoying the summer sun and looking for adventure. But the recent hot weather has caused concern as groups of children/teenagers have been seen playing in or around rivers, canals, and reservoirs across the county.

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Station manager John Cooke, said: “We want everyone to enjoy a safe summer, however unfortunately as an emergency service we often witness the consequences when things go wrong.

“Reservoirs, weirs and lakes can appear so tempting when you’re hot and in need of a cool down, but there are so many dangers that make an outdoor dip life-threatening.

“Unfortunately only last week a 12-year-old boy, Owen Jenkins, lost his life after jumping into a Nottingham marina, trying to save a girl from drowning. This tragedy underlines why we need to continue to raise awareness of the dangers, often unseen, of open water swimming and work to prevent future incidents of this type.

“I’d like to encourage parents, guardians and responsible adults to take a minute to understand the risks and ensure that their children are aware of these too.”

The fire service warns open water can be very dangerous with underlying currents, fast flowing water and hidden rubbish and debris that can trap, snap or cut. See for more.