Corbar Cross colours. Photo Mark ChesneyCorbar Cross colours. Photo Mark Chesney
Corbar Cross colours. Photo Mark Chesney

Your pictures of the Northern Lights captured over the High Peak

The Northern Lights made a once in a generation show at the weekend as a geomagnetic storm lit up the sky with pinks and greens.

On Friday and Saturday night the lights, which are normally visible much further north, seen by people across the world including in Buxton and the High Peak.

The last storm with such a high rating hit Earth more than 20 years ago in October 2003.

The colours varied due to the height of the storm, the highest parts of the extreme geomagnetic storm produced vivid pink colours above 150 miles in the atmosphere. This is the only even seen during intense solar activity due to low concentration of oxygen at higher levels.

Below that up to 150 miles green colours were present and closer to the earth’s surface up to 60 miles the blues and purples were visible due to ioniesed molecular nitrogen.

Thank you to the readers who sent pictures in – what colours were you able to see?

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