Water levels remain low at Ladybower Reservoir.Water levels remain low at Ladybower Reservoir.
Water levels remain low at Ladybower Reservoir.

Remarkable photos show water levels continuing to dwindle at Derbyshire reservoir – revealing eerie remains of drowned village

One of Derbyshire’s largest reservoirs remains depleted after record low water levels – revealing the ruins of a flooded village.

Water levels at reservoirs across the Peak District have reached record lows after a drought was declared in Derbyshire last month.

This summer was the driest the country had experienced in 50 years – with temperatures reaching almost 40°C in some areas.

Ladybower Reservoir was reported to be at 50% capacity this month – and this has exposed the ruins of a drowned village that is usually hidden from view beneath the depths.

These are 12 pictures that show the depleted reservoir – and the intriguing remains of this former settlement.