Edwina Currie - '˜Let's hope UK will emerge as strong, confident and prosperous nation' after Brexit vote

Former Derbyshire MP Edwina Currie has said years of hard work lie ahead for the UK after the Brexit vote.

And Ms Currie, who lives in the High Peak, has also paid tribute to Prime Minister David Cameron, who is to step down by October.

She said: “So Britain has decided. And with 33 million votes cast – a turnout far higher than recent General Elections – there’s no doubt about the validity of the result. We are out of the EU, and we will not be going back.

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“I’m sad to see David Cameron’s departure. He’s been an excellent Prime Minister, leading the Coalition so skilfully that we’ve become the 5th largest economy in the world. He deserves credit for his decency and humanity too.

“The practicalities will stretch everyone, whether Brexiter or Remainer (like me).

“Years of extremely hard work lie ahead with complex and frustrating negotiations with dozens of countries. The going will get tough, but let’s hope that eventually the UK will emerge as the strong, confident and prosperous nation we all want.”