East Midlands MEP calls vote '˜remarkable and historic'

Andrew Lewer MEPAndrew Lewer MEP
Andrew Lewer MEP
An East Midlands MEP has said he '˜welcomes' the region's '˜remarkable and historic' decision to leave the European Union.

Conservative MEP, Andrew Lewer, said the outcome had come as a shock but it was important that we act carefully and reasonably to negotiate our exit.

He said: “I do not believe the ‘leave’ vote means we are turning our back on our European neighbours. Rather, we have chosen to take control our own destiny and reject the ever-closer union that was the EU project.

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“I believe we can maintain and secure mutually beneficial relationships across Europe and beyond to strengthen trade, education and cultural opportunities. We do not leave the EU today, there is a long period of careful negotiation ahead.

“The fundamentals of the British economy are strong. We continue to be a tolerant society, including to those who have come to work here and make their lives here.

David Cameron was right to give the country the chance to have its say over our continuing membership of the EU. He has shown extraordinary leadership over the last six years. It is sad to see him announce he is stepping down but statesmanlike of him to postpone that to help to ensure there is a period of calm and stability.

“I will continue to work hard as a Conservative East Midlands MEP to support the exit negotiations, to achieve the best result for the UK and to promote good relations with our European colleagues.”