Derbyshire: Watch out for dodgy toys this Christmas

The law says that all toys have to be safe, but dangerous toys are out there so it’s best to be careful.

Toys N Tins Appeal 2014
Toys N Tins Appeal 2014

Buy only from established sources if you can afford to. Take extra care if buying second-hand – check for damage and make sure safety instructions are there.

Look out for the “CE mark” - all new toys have to carry this mark, it’s put on by the manufacturer to show that the toy meets legal requirements.

Make sure the toy is suitable for the child - age warnings such as “not suitable for children under 36 months” are there for a reason.

Children under three are more vulnerable to choking hazards. Be wary of them playing with older children’s toys and follow the instructions given.

Avoid -

u Toys with loose pile fabric or hair which sheds easily presenting a choking hazard

u Toys with small components or parts which detach on which a child could choke

u Toys with sharp points and edges or finger traps

u Loose ribbons on toys and long neck ties on costumes

u Small toys sold with items of food, and

u Finally, think about battery safety. Use batteries correctly and don’t leave small disc batteries lying around. Young children are at risk of choking or being poisoned.

Avoiding Fakes -

We’ve recently put out a warning about cheap `copycat’ versions of hoverboards. Many of the cheaper versions have failed electrical safety tests and are considered potentially dangerous.