Derbyshire farmers clear supermarket shelves of milk in national price protest

Derbyshire farmers have cleared a supermarket’s shelves of milk in a nationwide price protest.
Picture posted by Neil Mycock on Facebook.Picture posted by Neil Mycock on Facebook.
Picture posted by Neil Mycock on Facebook.

They bought the milk in bulk from Aldi in Buxton on Friday night as part of a campaign to be paid enough to cover production costs.

Bakewell farmer Neil Mycock posted the above picture on Facebook which has been shared more than 3,000 times.

Neil said: “I feel proud to be a Derbyshire farmer.”

Julie Parker, of the Farmers For Action group, said the milk had been donated to organisations including the High Peak food bank.

She said farmers are paid as little as 15p per litre for milk – when it costs 30p to produce.

Supermarkets say there is no link between the price of milk on the shelves and what farmers are paid.