Derbyshire Apprentice star James Hill hits national headlines – for his tight underwear

Picture: @bbcapprentice on Twitter.Picture: @bbcapprentice on Twitter.
Picture: @bbcapprentice on Twitter.
Chesterfield businessman James Hill is through to the second week of The Apprentice – and hitting headlines nationally for his tight underwear.

In last night’s show, the 26-year-old came up with the idea of creating a sweatshirt with a fitted camera – designed for capturing days out and special events.

On Twitter, Danny Green said: “James Hill is going to win this year, I think.”

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Nicholas Higgins ‏added: “James Hill is my favourite to win.”

Meanwhile, the journalists at Closer magazine reckon James is the “best reason” to watch this year’s show – after a picture emerged of him strutting around the candidates’ shared house in a tiny pair of grey shorts.

They wrote: “We have to say we DEFINITELY agree and are praying that James at least makes it to final of The Apprentice – just so we can make the most of those early morning/shirtless shots.

“Come on, Lord Sugar, don’t take this away from us!”

James is competing against 19 other businessmen and women in the hit BBC show in a bid to land a top job with Lord Alan Sugar.

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James believes he is going to be a millionaire and build an empire with Lord Sugar.

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The son of Chesterfield businessman Jason Hill, James’s entrepreneurial spark began aged 13 when he sold chocolate bars to his school classmates to make extra dinner money.

He launched his business career by setting up a hand car wash in the town.

The multiple business owner’s previous ventures include supplying gaming machines to clubs in the UK, which he later expanded to Ireland, and opening a restaurant and bar, including Havana Whites in Chesterfield.

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James said: “Having to fend for myself since the age of 16, I believe my strength of character and drive to succeed will put me in good stead.

“I am Lord Sugar when he was my age

He admits he can be “a bit of a know-it-all” and that his tendency to get “over-excited” may get on people’s nerves.