Derbyshire: 20,000 bananas and 19,800 sausages binned EVERY day across the county

The full, shocking scale of food waste in Derbyshire has been revealed.

By Ben Green
Wednesday, 19th November 2014, 10:21 am
20,000 bananas are binned in Derbyshire every day
20,000 bananas are binned in Derbyshire every day

Amongst other things, the figures released by Derbyshire County Council reveal that 20,000 bananas are binned across the county each and every day.

It is estimated a fifth of food bought in Derbyshire ends up in the bin.

And it is not just bananas that we waste in massive quantities. On average across Derbyshire this is what is binned every day...

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340,500 slices of bread

82,000 potatoes

25,100 slices of ham

19,800 tomatoes

19,800 sausages

15,600 eggs

Wasting food is estimated to cost the average household £470 a year and up to £700 for families. For tips on how to make your food go further and help cut your shopping bill visit