Police advice to residents after bike thefts in Hope Valley

Police in the Hope Valley have issued advice to residents after a number of reports of bikes being stolen in the area.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 3:43 pm

Hope Valley Police Safer Neighourhood Team said they had reports of a number of bikes being taken from garages and sheds in the Saltergate area of Bamford on Sunday night.

The team have now reminded people to secure their property, including using locks on bikes that are inside outbuildings, as well as covering up windows so potential thieves can’t see what’s inside.

Officers also spent the evening patrolling Bamford on Tuesday.

Police have issued advice to residents after a number of bike thefts in Bamford

They added: “Lots of residents have been telling me that they have seen lots of suspicious activity recently but either weren't sure or didn't want to bother us as it was probably nothing.

“Please report any suspicious activity on either 101 our non emergency number or 999 and let us decide what to do with the information.”