Council chiefs to approve plans to axe lollipop men and women in Derbyshire

Council chiefs are expected to approve controversial plans to axe lollipop men and women from almost 40 sites across Derbyshire.
A meeting next week is expected to rubber-stamp  cuts .A meeting next week is expected to rubber-stamp  cuts .
A meeting next week is expected to rubber-stamp cuts .

Cash-strapped Derbyshire County Council is proposing to remove the familiar sight at 34 locations where there are traffic lights or zebra crossings.

The lunchtime service at seven sites is also under threat.

The service would be kept at 60 locations – but if employees leave these sites they will not be replaced.

Nineteen locations which are currently vacant would not be replaced.

The authority received more than 1,500 responses on the proposals as part of a 12-week public consultation.

Councillors will consider these responses and the plans at a meeting next Tuesday.

If they approve the proposals the next step will be to consult with the trade unions.

The council needs to save £157million by 2018 because of Government austerity.

Councillor Dean Collins, cabinet member for highways, transport and infrastructure, said: “This time last year it looked like we might have to stop running the school crossing service because of the cuts we need to make to our budgets.

“But because we managed to find the funding to keep some of the service, by using public health money, I am proposing to keep most of the service.

“However I realise that many people will be disappointed that the school crossing patrol that they and their families use will go if these plans go ahead.

“If the proposals do go ahead then we will always be willing to talk to any school or local business about continuing the service if they can find the money to pay for it.”

Protesters will be gathering outside County Hall in Matlock before the meeting at 9.45am to campaign against the contentious plans.