VIDEO: Ferocious Dog rev up the Hell Hounds

Creating their own take on Celtic folk, Ferocious Dog takes the traditional instruments of fiddles, whistles, mandolins and mixes them up with raw, buzz saw rock n' roll attitude.'¨With guitarist Les Carter of the Unstoppable Sex Machine fame in the fold, the band have been tearing up venues across the country and will be playing at The Hairy Dog, Derby, on November 4.'¨The role of the Hell Hounds mustn't be underestimated - an ever-growing legion of fans who follow the band up and down the country. They bring energy and
Ken Bonsall in Ferocious DogKen Bonsall in Ferocious Dog
Ken Bonsall in Ferocious Dog

passion to the gig while always welcoming the less initiated members of the crowd to join in and swell their ranks - making the evening feel like a huge party.
Ferocious Dog’s new album “From Without”, encompasses the trademark raw energy and passion but tempered and enhanced with new influences and craft.

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