No mobile phone distractions this Christmas with festive sacks by Center Parcs

Families might be able to enjoy a traditional festive holiday season without the constant distraction of mobile phones, thanks to a new invention by Center Parcs.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 13th December 2015, 2:58 pm
Peter Gibson with daughter Syann (4).
Peter Gibson with daughter Syann (4).

Hanging up next to your children’s Christmas stockings, the miniature sleeping bags - which are being given out at the holiday resort - could easily be mistaken for a place where elves take a break from wrapping presents and snuggle-up for forty-winks.

But the tiny sleeping-quarters, which could also be used as reindeer hoof-warmers, could help families enjoy each others company without the distraction of smart phones.

The mobile phone sleeping bag is the brainchild of Center Parcs who have begun giving out the festive little sacks to families this Christmas.

The Gibson family head off for a bike ride with their mobile phones left in their sleeping bags.

Colin Whaley, from Center Parcs, said: “We commissioned a study which revealed that the daily distractions of modern life, particularly those from personal technology devices, have been found to be associated with lower levels of happiness.”

“We found a seamstress to develop the miniature sleeping bags and we’re equipping 50 families with them so they can get together again and give their mobiles a rest for good quality family time.”

The Gibson family were the first to use the phone sleeping bags while taking a short break at the Sherwood Forest village.

Before heading-off for a family bike ride, Dad, Pete, said: “They’re such a great idea.

“I did peek inside my phone’s bag a couple of times to start with – just to check for signal.

“But soon I forgot I even had my phone with me. It’s really helped us spend better quality time together as a family. We’ll be taking them home with us too.”

Findings from a study have revealed that on average, people spend more than a quarter of their time distracted by mobile phones.

The study also revealed people are prone to significant levels of distractions during all types of typical daily life activities including in social interactions with family, friends and colleagues.

Mobile phone distractions constitute the largest source of attention diversions, on average accounting for 17 per cent of time but rising to more than 50 per cent for some of people. Those distracted by mobile phones are also most likely to report a significantly lower level of happiness.

So perhaps if you’re expecting Santa to bring you a new smart phone next week, you should also be on the look-out for a tiny sleeping bag to help keep the peace this Christmas.