Eight-second decision

It takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a house, so ensuring your property has instant kerb appeal can be a deal maker or breaker.

Regional sales manager for house builder Miller Homes East Midlands, Paul Walters, and gardening expert at Mower Magic, John Hall, have teamed up to offer vendors tips to maximise their property’s outer appearance.

It is really important the property looks clean and tidy so make sure your windows are cleaned on a regular basis and that curtains and blinds are presentable and open.

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Ensure the garden is litter free and paths and driveways are swept.

Remove weeds from the flowerbeds to present a well-groomed exterior. This gives the impression the interior will be as well looked after.

In the evening, ensure there is enough lighting for the viewers to see where they are going.

Add simple touches such as hanging baskets and flower pots and make sure they are healthy.

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Avoid vehicles parking outside the house, this blocks the street view and suggests parking problems.

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Make sure the colour of your door, garage and windows match.

Keep lawns mowed with neat edges and cut hedges to avoid the impression they would be high maintenance.

Make sure your front door is clean and polish any brass work.

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