Derbyshire's best ever nightclub is among photos of 9 venues we have loved and lost

Dancing around handbags to banging tunes – nightclubs in Derbyshire were the go-to places for a fantastic evening with your mates.

These were the venues where lifelong friendships and partnerships were formed and where lots of beer was supped judging by the sticky carpets.

We asked our Facebook followers: “What is Derbyshire’s best ever nightclub?” and one stood head and shoulders above the rest….. Chesterfield’s legendary Aquarius nightclub.

Chris Hutton said “Akka (the colloquial name for the Aquarius) was known all over Europe. I remember coaches in Presto car park”

Joanne Stanton Wilson also hailed the Aquarius as her favourite. She said: “We had such a pick of great nightclubs. We were out every other weekend after a 12-hour shift and back to work on three hours sleep – happy days.”

The Carlton Club on Duke Street, Whittington Moor in the Sixties, Jingles nightclub in the Seventies and Zanzibar in the early noughties are among the Chesterfield clubs fondly remembered.

Elsewhere in the county The Pavilion in Matlock Bath, Level 2 in Buxton and the Pink Coconut in Derby also attracted honourable mentions.