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The first free course run by Extra Time (UK) was undertaken in Glossop during October and November 2023. They then carried out a new course in New Mills in January 2024. Both courses were such a success they are now undertaking a third one which will commence on 16th May in Glossop. They have succeeded in supporting clients to navigate the complexities and risks of securing paid employment, this can be evidenced by the comments and statistics below.

Client’s came together weekly in group settings, they were supported to identify skills, boosting client’s confidence which in turn improves general mental health and well-being. The previous courses have succeeded in helping clients to identify and reach their potential which ultimately increases their income capacity. To date over 80 per cent of all attendees have reported an increase in their confidence with 50 per cent of all attendees having gone on to gain paid employment or a voluntary role. Additionally, all participants found the experience enjoyable.

This is what some of the previous attendees thought:

Group Work SessionGroup Work Session
Group Work Session

“Great empathy and team spirit prevails in the sessions”

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“Enjoying sessions and meeting new people, realising we have a massive skill set.”

“Good to know that I am not alone and that you have my back….lovely group of people”

So if you are interested in returning to the workplace or volunteering we would love to hear from you. Please phone Ed Kelly on 07784 862756 or check out at https://extratime.org.uk/