High street shops where fitting rooms are now open to customers

Fitting rooms have reopened in several high street stores (Photo: Shutterstock)Fitting rooms have reopened in several high street stores (Photo: Shutterstock)
Fitting rooms have reopened in several high street stores (Photo: Shutterstock)

Lockdown restrictions have forced retailers to close fitting rooms in stores for several months in a bid to minimise Covid-19 infections.

But with the remaining legal coronavirus rules now lifted in England, following the so-called ‘freedom day’ on 19 July, shops across the country have now started to open back up.

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Where can I try clothes on in shops?

Fitting rooms in all 191 Primark stores across the UK reopened to shoppers this week.

While customers were allowed back into non-essential shops way back in April, coronavirus safety rules forced fitting rooms to stay closed for a while longer.

However, a trial at the start of July saw changing facilities open back up in a handful of stores to test safety measures.

The retailer has confirmed that its fitting rooms, toilets and seating areas have now reopened across all of its stores and it will continue its enhanced clearing programme and keep safety measures in place.

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In a statement, Primark said: “On entering the store, customers have the opportunity to use the hand sanitiser that is provided at the store entrance.

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“We hope that our customers and colleagues will continue to think of others and wear a face covering when in store.

“Perspex screens or cubicles have been installed on tills to help protect customers and employees.”

Marks and Spencer has also confirmed the reopening of its fitting rooms and said it will have “extensive hygiene measures in place” to keep its customers and staff safe.

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The retailer added that its normal refund policy still applies on all orders for customers who are not comfortable in using the fitting rooms and would prefer to order clothes online.

Fitting rooms in New Look stores across the UK have reopened and customers are encouraged to continue wearing face coverings and to observe social distancing while shopping.

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The high street chain said: “Our store fitting rooms across the UK are open again.

“We have clear guidance for all our staff members in all locations to maintain COVID-19 safety to the highest standard.

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“In Scotland, we will also quarantine products for 72 hours after they have been tried on.”

Additionally, John Lewis has confirmed all of its services in stores have fully reopened, including the use of fitting rooms, toilets and restaurants.

Again, shoppers are encouraged to wear a face mask while in stores, especially during busy periods.

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High street fashion chains H&M and River Island are also allowing shoppers to make use of fitting rooms in stores. Although additional safety measures including wearing face masks, social distancing and using hand sanitiser stations is still encouraged.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, NationalWorld.