Review: Fascinating Aida’s Charm Offensive tour hits Chesterfield and Buxton

Cabaret trio Fascinating Aïda have been around so long it’s hard to believe that last Sunday’s show in Chesterfield was their first in town.
Fascinating AidaFascinating Aida
Fascinating Aida

They celebrated with a song dedicated to our fair town, Crooked Spire, Donut roundabout and all – but not until they had brought a packed Winding Wheel to its feet with their razor-sharp wit and risqué commentary on the modern world, all with piano accompaniment, mostly by Dillie Keane, though Adele Anderson and Liza Pulman took a turn as well.

They took a pop at old age, global warming, boomerang kids and Facebook – and that was just the first few songs.

Immigration, UKIP and a selection of celebs from Kerry Katona to Tony Blair, Tesco and the latest royal baby were skewered in a couple of lines in their glorious Bulgarian Song Cycle.

Nothing was taboo – and if it was, it got a mention in Taboo, an old favourite. As Dillie put it, for those of a sensitive disposition – well, what were they doing there?

Occasionally they were pensive, sometimes they were rude, and they were always observant and very funny.

The previous evening, Buxton Opera House had been treated to Fascinating Aida’s Charm Offensive show.