Wildlife art exhibition at Chatsworth

Richard Whittlestone's painting entitled "As I Walked Out."
Richard Whittlestone's painting entitled "As I Walked Out."

A wildlife art exhibition will be launched in Derbyshire next month.

Artist Richard Whittlestone will unveiling his latest work at his gallery on the Chatsworth estate.

The exhibition, which runs from November 18 to December 3, will showcase Richard’s paintings depicting British wildlife in acrylics, oils and pen and ink.

In addition to these new originals, and being shown properly for the first time, is a painting from the year 2000 which Richard is reselling for a client.

Richard said: “‘As I Walked Out’ is an unusual and favourite piece of work of mine. It was my millennium painting and I worked on it for a long time, putting in lots of intricate detail. The subject matter of a fine cock pheasant in the foreground along with a robin and a woodmouse is straight forward enough, but in the background is a self portrait of me walking my pointer. I so rarely depict people - in 41 years this is the first and only time I have painted myself.”

The painting, executed in acrylic on panel, originally sold quickly and before Richard had a chance to have it photographed. “It’s great to get it back (though hopefully not for too long) and have some proper images taken for posterity.”

Every painting which Richard has done since 1990 has an image of a tiny fly - but it can take a keen eye to spot it!