Welcome to The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

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More than 40 years after headlining Glastonbury, the legendary Arthur Brown is still considered by many in the business to be the originator of multiple music genres including prog rock, electro and psychedelia.

Brown has maintained his momentum of coming up with original ideas and over the years is credited with developing a helmet that creates music using the power of thought and the first performer to use the standard drum machine.
In this new tour the ‘Grandfather’ is back with his new show The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.

Audiences can look forward to a show that continues to experiment with technology and stage artistry, whilst revisiting some of his older material.

Never afraid to try new things, Brown will be showcasing a new suit made purely of light, powered by fibre optics and perform some of his multi-genre music with his band Kingdom Come.

Arthur Brownis still the great innovators who headlined England’s most prestigious music festival back in 1971.

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown is at Pavilion Arts Centre, Buxton, on October 17 at 7.30pm. Tickets £18.50 with discounts available. Contact 01298 72190 or visit www.