Taste of gala attraction

The Tin Man and Wicked Witch at the screening of The Wizard of Oz
The Tin Man and Wicked Witch at the screening of The Wizard of Oz

Preparations are nearing completion for the second Buxworth Gala, which will take place over Easter weekend on March 26 and 27.

One of the main attractions at this family event will be a ‘Wizard of Oz’ children’s tea party for accompanied youngsters aged three to 11 years olds. The parties will take place at 1.30pm and 3pm each day.

Parents and children were given a party taster at a screening of the original Wizard of Oz film at Chinley Community Centre. Tin Man and the Wicked Witch were on hand to tell the children just what they will find at the end of the yellow brick road inside the party tent.

Tickets for the children’s tea party are £5 each including refreshments, food and entertainment, available from Parmar’s newsagents Chinley and Buxworth Memorial Club.

The gala was relaunched for the first time in 100 years last year. Organiser Mark Lomas’s key aim was to bring the community together, provide a fun day out and raise funds for local organisations. Donations were made to Buxworth Primary School, St James Church, Buxworth Cricket Club, Bugsworth Basin Heritage Trust and Buxworth Pre-School.

For further information on the gala see www.buxworthgala.org