Peanuts comic strip inspires musical heading for New Mills

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, presented at New Mills Art Theatre.
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, presented at New Mills Art Theatre.

Broadway musical You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown will be presented at New Mills Art Theatre.

The show, which is running from June 21 to 23, is a musical comedy based on the much loved ‘Peanuts’ comic strips by Charles Schulz.

Though considered a ‘good man’ by his friends, Charlie Brown has never been able to keep a kite in the air, never successfully kicked a football and can’t seem to win the heart of the Little Red-Haired Girl. As the ‘Peanuts’ gang make their way through the day, Charlie wonders what it takes to be a good man as he sees Schroeder’s passion for Beethoven, Lucy’s psychiatrist booth, Linus’ complex about his blanket, Sally’s new philosophy and Snoopy’s ace flying ability. With the help of his friends, Charlie comes to realise what makes them all truly happy.

Featuring uplifting music played by a live band, this is a hilarious glimpse into the life of the ‘Peanuts’ characters about the trials and tribulations of growing up, written with charm, sweetness and an innocent sophistication.

Join Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the gang in the wonderful world of Peanuts!

Bowden Theatre Works present the show which starts at 7.15pm on Friday, June 21, at 2.15pm and 7.15pm on Saturday, June 22 and at 2.15pm on Sunday, June 23.

Book tickets online at or call 07597 642673 or email: