DaleDiva issues call to charities


Derbyshire-based singing group DaleDiva will be ten years old in November 2017.

It’s been an extraordinary rollercoaster ride over that period for the members of the ensemble, whose main aim has always been to entertain and bring joy to audiences.

A spokesperson for the group said: “We are now in a position to be able to celebrate our tenth year by offering YOU the chance to benefit from DaleDiva.

“We are looking to support ten charities or worthwhile causes in the next 12 months leading up to our tenth birthday. If you are involved in a local charity or group that needs funds then this could be your chance to fundraiser by hosting DaleDiva.

“Those selected will have the benefit of DaleDiva performing free of charge - at an agreed date - to raise monies for your project. You will be expected to arrange the event but ALL the money raised will be yours.”

If you are interested please email: julieythornhill@gmail.com and you will receive more details on how to apply.

Closing date is Sunday, January 15.

Photo by Martin Brown