Justin Moorhouse tours his new show Destiny Calling to Buxton Opera House

Comedian Justin Moorhouse
Comedian Justin Moorhouse

Hitting middle-age and having a life-changing hip operation in the same year has given comedian Justin Moorhouse plenty of material for his new show.

Destiny Calling, which is on its way to Buxton’s Pavilion Arts Centre on Saturday, September 26, charts how surgery inspired the comic to get back on the treadmill.

The show’s anecdotes include an embarrassing moment in a spa, playing a charity football match with Manchester United and his hazardous driving after he went back to work too early after the operation.

Justin will be releasing a live DVD of Destiny Calling through Universal, which was filmed at the Lowry. His recollection of playing the charity football game and stepping out on the pitch hand-in-hand with his 14-year-old, 6ft mascot “looking like Elton and David Furnish going to play tennis” is an observational masterpiece.

Former salesman Justin entered the world of comedy at 29 and was spotted by fellow comedian Peter Kay, winning him the role of Young Kenny in Phoenix Nights. His other TV work has included Coronation Street and Celebrity Mastermind.

Tickets for his show in Buxton cost £14.