Horror story to end all horror stories

The Pit & The Pendulum
The Pit & The Pendulum

THE CHILLING and heart-pounding drama, The Pit & The Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe, will be performed at Buxton Opera House by Rumpus Theatre Company tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday, at 7.30pm.

Starring Mark Homer (Tony Hills in EastEnders) and Nicholas Briggs (the Voice of the Daleks & Cybermen in Doctor Who), The Pit & The Pendulum is a horror story to end all horror stories.

By the acknowledged master of the genre, this new play by John Goodrum is a chilling theatrical experience with a mystery twist in the tale.

When William Trevelyan sets out to rescue his young wife from the clutches of the wicked and lascivious Hellfire Club, he little expects to find himself their captive, tortured by the nightmare of a living grave, the nameless dread of a fathomless pit... and the inevitability of the swinging pendulum with its razor-sharp blade!

The Pit & The Pendulum was published in 1842, and is based on the torments endured by prisoners during the Spanish Inquisition. Numerous film adaptations have been made including Roger Corman’s 1961 remake staring Vincent Price and Barbara Steele.

Tickets for The Pit & The Pendulum, priced from £12 to £17, are available from the Buxton Opera House box office on 0845 127 2190 or online at www.buxtonoperahouse.org.uk.