Hasland Playhouse to host couple’s final performance of To Sleep

Heather Davies and Steve Cowley in To Sleep
Heather Davies and Steve Cowley in To Sleep

An exciting piece of writing will give performers plenty of scope to demonstrate their acting talent.

Heather Davies and Steve Cowley take on the roles of suicidal strangers who meet in an A&E waiting room and strike up a relationship.

The play, entitled To Sleep, shows how with warmth, compassion and dark humour, relationships can develop between different people no matter how appalling their shared experiences may be.

Heather and Steve will perform the play for the final time at Hasland Playhouse on October 24 at 7.30pm.

Having toured the UK for two years and playing to a sell out crowd at the Australian premiere of the show, the couple bring the play back to Hasland where it began its journey in 2013.

Playwright Matt Fox, who wrote To Sleep and has penned a new work for Heather and Steve, will be among the audience.

For tickets, visit www.haslandtheatrecompany.co.uk or call 01246 272271.