Following sell-out performances of their old-school chiller Peaceful last year, The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company is returning to the Buxton Festival Fringe with a new show.

Back Door takes its inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, one of the wittiest and most stylish thrillers ever filmed, but mixes in a whole other set of ingredients...

Back Door

Back Door

Set in Paris in the late 1920s, Back Door tells of Tabitha Montgomery (Laura Louise Baker), a British reporter for the Associated Press, who begins to suspect her new neighbour of murder. The neighbour in question is Violette (Jaacq Hugo), a film-making female impersonator shrouded in enigma.

Back Door is ultimately about the sense of ownership of celebrities, gender and the interpretation of art, as Tabitha becomes increasingly obsessed with a person she can’t quite figure out.

“The idea came when our designer, Eleanor Field, asked me to put ‘Rear Window’ on stage so she could design it,” writer Polis Loizou explained.

“At first I laughed it off, but soon a whole story came together. I was reading about a female impersonator called Barbette in 1920s Paris, and knew I could merge the two elements into something unique and exciting.”

Rear Window being an untouchable classic, the company used it only as a starting-off point for an altogether different story. The voyeurism, style, humour and suspense of the source material remained focal points, but Back Door also features video projection and performance art in its tale of sex-and-death obsession.

“Where Hitchcock’s was a film like a play, this is a play like a film,” added Polis. “Despite the subject matter, it’s not a gloomy piece. We have fun on stage, and want our audiences to be entertained.”

The show will premiere at Underground Venues on July 24 and run until July 26, each evening at 9pm. Tickets are priced £9 (£7). For more information, visit

Back Door will also be performed for one night only at the Manchester Fringe on July 29, before a longer Edinburgh run in August.

Since the untimely passing of John Beecher, a familiar face at the Buxton Fringe and friend of The Off-Off-Off-Broadway Company, a percentage of proceeds from the company’s performances now go to the John Beecher Memorial Fund, among other charities.

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