REVIEW: Night to remember with nice-guy Nils in Sheffield

Nils Lofgren  Picture: Glenn Ashley
Nils Lofgren Picture: Glenn Ashley

You may not know the name, but you may well know the sound.

The little guy you usually see bouncing round the stage with Bruce Springsteen? Ring a bell?

Well, if you didn’t know ,then that guy is none other than Nils Lofgren, one of the greatest guitar players the planet has had the pleasure of hosting.

Nils hit Sheffield City Hall as part of his UK tour.

More than just a gig, it had an atmosphere more akin to an evening chilling with an old friend as he entertained with some great music as well as a few glimpses into his past.

Nils has been around on the road for the past 47 years, working as a solo artists but also with heavyweights like Neil Young and for the last couple of decades as part of Springsteen’s E Street band.

Nils Lofgren in action in Sheffield. Picture: Glenn Ashley.

Nils Lofgren in action in Sheffield. Picture: Glenn Ashley.

The evening had Nils tap dancing, spinning around as he rocked it up, as well as more chilled moments with some amazing acoustic tracks as well as opening up on a harp.

You certainly couldn’t say there wasn’t any musical diversity there.

The set ran through tracks such as Mud In Your Eye, Girl In Motion Don’t Wanna Talk About It.

Nils took us through bits of his history, ranging from reworking the accordion sound into a keyboard section for Neil Young, to learning the hard way about the side effects of alcohol after ending up in police handcuffs, to the last night of a UK tour where he learned of the death of his good friend Clarence Clemmons, which led us onto the very emotive Miss You, C.

Nils Lofgren on stage in Sheffield. Picture: Glenn Ashley.

Nils Lofgren on stage in Sheffield. Picture: Glenn Ashley.

One of his best tracks by far was Black Books, which many may well know from it being used in the Sopranos series.

One of the nice guys in music, he has a voice that shows the emotion and feeling in his songs, a voice which inspires the audience to drag up their own memories in various tracks.

As the evening drew to a close, we had to have one of the Boss’s tracks, This being one of Nils favourites we were treated to a stunning rendition of Because The Night.

If you missed the gig because of a bonfire or something, it’s you’re own fault, but he’s back not too far away later this month at Buxton. So go check him out, you will not be disappointed.

Nils Lofgren plays Buxton Opera House on November 20. For tickets, priced from £36, visit