Brush up your cookery skills with Nonnas masterclasses

Nonna's cookery school.
Nonna's cookery school.

Budding foodies of all abilities can polish up their culinary skills at masterclasses.
Nonnas Chesterfield has created experiences stemming from healthy eating, aperitivo and canape making workshops, introduction to wine tasting and one-of-a-kind al fresco dining.

There is also a new mini chefs pizza course aimed at children aged eight years upwards.

Gian Bohan, Nonnas founder says: “What a year 2016 was! Over the year miles of silky pasta sheets have been rolled out, hundreds of carrots chopped and the odd finger too, fantastic dishes have been created and tasted, a few bottles of vino have been sampled at the feasting lunches and more importantly there have been plenty of laughs.

“We are excited to present our 2017 season with new features and formats. From healthy Italian dishes to kick off the New Year to sumptuous Christmas feasts. The Fast track classes are sure to prove popular with a condensed taster class to learn to make creative canapés while sipping on classic Italian aperitivo.”

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