Barstool at the bandstand on Fringe Sunday

VICTOR Barstool’s squabbles with his girl backing singers go public on Sunday when Barstool and his band appear at Buxton bandstand on Fringe Sunday.

The girls Bubbles & Squeak are fed up of just doing Sha La La’s and Doobie Doos and want stardom themselves.

Victor and the girls will promote Flat on My Back and Seeing Stars, the third Buxton Festival Fringe show for Dolls House Productions.

It stars Deirdre Costello as Victor’s long suffering girlfriend Wanda K Lutz, backing singers Emma Shanks and Victoria Plum. Music is by Jim Lampard, who also plays sax, and Alan Charnley who also plays Victor.

The story of Barstool, who claims to have influenced music all time greats including Bowie and Kraftwerk, but struggles with his personal life, shows at Buxton’s Grove Hotel on Saturday July 23, at 8pm.

Flat on My Back Seeing Stars is a flashback through Victor’s life and features original songs about his battles with paranoia, drink, serial-killer girlfriends, stage fright and fear of nursery rhymes. Tickets are available from the Opera House or by calling 07960 647 814.