PHOTO GALLERY: Buxton Carnival takes off

Buxton Carnival,
Buxton Carnival,

The wet weather failed to put a dampener on Buxton’s Carnival celebrations.

A colourful parade of pirates, Dr Who characters, Romans and Baywatch babes took to the streets of the town entertaining the thousands of people lining the route.

Buxton Carnival, Bill Weston

Buxton Carnival, Bill Weston

The memorial flypast by the Lancaster bomber was delayed by bad weather over Lincolnshire but for the crowds below it was worth the wait.

Carnival Results

Art Competition

Artist of the Year Ben Birch Age 7

Buxton Carnival,

Buxton Carnival,

Group Winner – Combs School

Up to 5yrs: 1 Lucinda Lowes, 2 Chloe Watson, 3 Nathan Williams. H/C Lottie Barton.

5 – 7 Yrs: 1= Ben Birch, 1=Niall Minshul, 2 Annabel Williamson, 3 Liam Phillips. H/C Hannah Watson, Jacob Wooley, H/C Ethan Clarke, Jacob Voight.

8 – 11 Yrs: 1 Chloe Forsythe, 2 Matthew Watson, 3 Poppie Annie Staden. H/C Shannon Mycock, Thomas Garner.

Buxton Carnival,

Buxton Carnival,

12 – 14 Yrs: James Watson.

Pet Show

Best in Show University of Derby Trophy: Elvis – Dog de Bordeaux – Jason & Sammy Smith.

Best Puppy: The Sally Greenfield Trophy - Bengie – Border Collie.

Class 1: 1 Bengie – Border Collie; Class 2: 1 Pip – Lurcher; Class 3: 1 Elvis – Dog de Bordeaux; Class 4: 1 Eric – Leonburger; Class 5 1 Pepe – Skunk; Class 6 1 Milk, Moo & Buttercup – Mice; Class 7: 1 Squirrel - Cat; Class 8: 1 George – Chicken; Class 9: 1 Pip – Lurcher; Class 10: 1 Meg – Springer Spaniel; Class 11: 1st Mao Mao – Long Haired Tortoishell; Class 12: 1 Alfie – Bedlington Terrier; Class 13: 1 The Woodlice; Class 14: 1 Ruby; Class 15: 1st Kerry & Buttons.

Best Dressed Shop

1 Bon Appetit, 15 Terrace Road; 2 One Small Step, 9 Hall Bank; 3 = Stuff 5 - 5a High Street, 3 = Christian Bookshop, Market Street; H/C:Hargreaves, Spring Gardens, Sew in, 1 Spring Gardens, HFT, Spring Gardens, High Peak Interiors, Spring Gardens, Nought to Five, Terrace Road, ECO Republic, The Colonnade.

Best Dressed House

1 Peak View Sterndale Moor (Attendant), 2 35 South Avenue, 3 Croft Holm New Market Street, H/C: 49 Cross Street, Fairfield (Queen Danielle), 40 Pictor Road Fairfield ( Rosebud), 3 Princes Road Fairfield (Attendant), 33 Alsop Way Fairfield ( Pageboy), 1 Doveridge Grove Fairfield, Flat 29 Marion Court, Sherwood Road.

Best Dressed Residential Care Nursing Home or Sheltered Accommodation

1 The Argyle Broadwalk, 2= The Hawthornes, Burlington Road, 2= Marian Court off Sherwood Road, 3 Hollin Knowle - 78 Fairfield Road.

Best Dressed Lamp Post, Gate, Front Door

1 33 Alsop Way Fairfield, 2 Hollin Knowle - 78 Fairfield Road, 317 Lansdowne Road.

Best Dressed Public House / Public Building

1 Buxton United Reformed Church Hardwick Sq East, 2 Alison Park Hotel Temple Road, 3 The Cheshire Cheese - High Street.

Carnival Winners

Class 1 1st Sponge Bob Square Pants (Matthew Watson), 2nd Bon Appetit

Class 2 1st Red Arrows (GT Motors), 2nd 150 Yrs St Annes (Brownies & Guides), 3rd Snow White & the 700 Dwarves (Buxton North Guides)

Class 3 1st Groovy Groomers, 2nd = Jungle Drums (Dave Goodway), 2nd= Corpse Bride (Niki Lewis).

Class 4 1st Bannana (Mrs Watson), 2nd Bon Appetit.

Class 5 1st Heroes for Heroes, (Buxton Hospital) 2nd Plank Walkers, 3rd Transition Buxton (Connie Consumasaurus).

Class 6 1st The Stig (Darren Brown), 2nd High Peak Charity Junior Prince William, 3rd Now & Then 100 years of Scouting.

Class 7 1st Dr Who (Lomas Distribution) 2nd Ho Ho Francesco, 3rd Gods of Rock (Buxton rugby Club)

Class 8 1st 1st Aqua Arnemetia Scouts, 2nd Snow White & 700 Dwarves, 3rd Chicken Run,

Class 9 1st Festival Fringe, 2nd Waitrose

Class 10 1st Lomas Distribution, 2nd Lomas Distribution

Class 11 No Entries

Class 12 1st Chapel-en-le-frith Queen & Retinue, 2nd Whaley Bridge Queen & Retinue, 3rd NRCO Junior Queen.

Class 13 1st High PeakRosebud, 2nd Macmillan Queen,

Class 14 1st Meningitis Queen & Retinue, 2nd Air Ambulance Rosebud Leonie, 3rd Junior Queen of the Peak Megan.

Class 15 1st East Cheshire Junior Queen Lauren, 2nd= High Peak Princess Natasha, 2nd= Eyam Sports Queen Sophie

lass 16 1st Stockport Queen Amanda, 2nd Eyam Sports Queen Sophie, 3rd= Macmillan Queen Catherine, 3rd= Phils Freedom Queen Phillipa

Class 16a 1st Macmillan Caitlin, 2nd Chapel April, 3rd East Cheshire Lauren.

Class 17 1st Chapel Personality Hannah, 2nd Macmillan Personality Katelyn, 3rd Phils Freedom Chloe.

Class 17a 1st Meningitis trust Ellie, 2nd Chapel Personality Amelia, 3rd Whaley Bridge Neave

Class 18 Stockport Queen Amanda

Class 18a Buxton Pageboy Dylan

Class 19 1st Chapel-en-le-frith Queen & Retinue 2nd Meningitis Trust Queen & Retinue

Attendant 1st Chapel Jasmin, 2nd Chapel, Kelsie 3rd Meningitis Sophie

Petal 1st Stockport Alex 2nd= High Peak Chloe, 2nd= Macmillan Sarah, 3rd Air Ambulance Lucy.

Pageboy 1st Meningitis Jackson, 2nd Meningitis Regan, 3rd High Peak William

John Kidd Trophy – Heroes for Heroes (Buxton Hospital)

Oddy Trophy – Red Arrows (GT Motors)

Agnes Ashby Trophy – Sponge Bob Square Pants (Matthew Watson)

The Parkin Funfair Trophy – Romans in Buxton (Scouts)

The Abbey National Trophy – Transition Buxton

The Otter Controls Trophy – Dr Who (Lomas Distribution)

The Derek Cooke Trophy – Meningitis Trust Queen