Meet the High Peak band using their voice to inspire people to be passionate about injustice

The last two years have posed huge challenges for musicians worldwide, not least three High Peak punks who had barely tuned up when Covid hit – but then this is a band built for turbulent times.

Decades of Delusion. From left, Mike Orme, Dunk Rimmer, Jori and Greg Boulton.
Decades of Delusion. From left, Mike Orme, Dunk Rimmer, Jori and Greg Boulton.

Singer Jori Lakars, drummer Greg Boulton and bass player Mike Orme split from Chapel punk stalwarts the Violators in 2019 to form Decades of Delusion with guitarist Dunk Rimmer. The new group had just finished debut EP Get Me a Pulpit and begun gigging when lockdown descended.

Jori, a tattooist from Chicago who now lives in Sparrowpit, said: “We had a lot of momentum coming into the new band and tried to hit the ground running, but being a loud punk band it’s hard to practice on Zoom.

“We had to take a year off and our other guitarist left to start a family. Really we’re only just getting back into it now.”

Jori Lakars

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    Jori may be more familiar to Buxton audiences as the leader of country group the Bandoleros, as Decades have yet to find a suitable opportunity.

    She said: “We’re not exactly a pub band. We’re mixing the sounds of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s in the punk tradition of anger and rage at injustice. We’re using our voice to start conversations about what we see.

    “The last five years have created a new landscape for music. Politics has never been like this, whether it’s Trump, women’s rights, civil rights or the war of misinformation.

    “For me, it’s also about playing these songs and being creative with friends, but I hope the audience will be inspired to be passionate about what’s happening in the world.”

    While there might not be any local gigs on the horizon, the band is hard at work writing their first full album.

    Jori said: “I’m really looking forward to releasing the record. We love playing gigs but the goal is to leave something lasting.”

    They are still searching for a full-time lead guitarist but have recruited a stand-in for the Punk on the Peninsular festival on Scotland’s west coast in June.

    Jori said: “It’s hard to find the right person in a small community where everyone has other projects. Hopefully that happens sooner rather than later so we can get back out there.”

    Get Me a Pulpit is available on Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms. See for more.