All-male dance company’s double-bill comes to Derbyshire

Laurence Skelly MHK
Laurence Skelly MHK

An all-male dance company will present an explosive double bill in Derbyshire

The programme by 2Faced Dance is entitled Dreaming in Code and will be staged at the town’s Opera House on Thursday, October 8.

Milk Night by Frantic Assembly’s Eddie Kay kicks off the show, exploring what it might be like to live in a world without women. How would men survive in such a world? What would be their greatest fear? What would they need to do in order to not forget?

Talking about the piece, Eddie said: “When I was approached to work with an all-male company, I became instantly fascinated by the absence of women. We can only imagine what would happen in this situation but, whilst exploring the idea with the performers, it became apparent we were all afraid of the same thing: forgetting. What would men have to do in order to hold onto the ever-fading memories of being with real women?”

The second piece on the bill, Lucid Grounds, is a futuristic piece about memories and dreams from the award-winning choreographer and artistic director of 2Faced Dance Company, Tamsin Fitzgerald.

Dreaming in Code starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £13-£16. Call 01298 72190 or visit www.