Ahoy me hearties! New Mills pantomime performers push the boat out

Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates at New Mills Art Theatre.
Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates at New Mills Art Theatre.

Performers will set sail on a pantomime adventure with a crew of colourful characters on board.

New Mills Art Theatre will host a production of Robinson Crusoe and the Pirates from February 1 to 3 and 8 to 9.

Lisa Quin plays the title role with support from Keith Wright as Captain Seasalt, Pauline Rowe as the cook Margarita Jucilita who is the panto dame and Stewart Boden as Margarita’s idiot son Nutty Nick.

They are all aboard a ship which sets off from Brazil when it is chased by ruthless buccaneer Cut-throat (Darren Cooper) and idiot pirates Skull-Duggery (Graham Fletcher-Shaw) and Cross-bones (Beverley Eaves) who are intent on stealing a treasure map.

Cut-Throat and his pirates flying the Jolly Roger colours, invade the Captain’s ship and steal the map - the ship survives the pirate invasion but the menacing Davy Jones (Amthony Lambe) conjures up a freak storm to send them all to their doom and drown in Davy Jones’s Locker. Good spirit Coral (Alice Bowden) helps them and they are shipwrecked on a desert island where they meet with danger again and are captured by island natives, Mumbo Jumbo the Cannibal Queen (Angela Hulme) and her Witch Doctor, Hocus Pocus (Jake Hornsey). They are about to be eaten by Mumbo Jumbo when they are all saved by Friday (Gary Ward) with Poll the Parrot (Isobel Fletcher-Shaw).

After trying to double cross Skull-Duggery and Cross-Bones, Cut-Throat is finally made to surrender the map, be marooned on the island instead of facing the law in Brazil.

The Captain and his crew sail home in Cut-Throats pirate ship to a Mardi Gras home coming – the treasure is shared and there are weddings to end the story.

Rob Brittles directs the pantomime, Tim Walker is musical director and Cathryn Yates is choregrapher.

Performances start at 7.15pm on February 1, 8 and 9 and at 2.15pm on February 2, 3, and 9.

Details: Tickets £10 (adult), £8 (under 16s), £50 (boxes, five seats). To book online, click here. Tickets are also on sale at A. Allen & Son, 45 Union Road, New Mills. Tickets on sale at the box office - for opening times, group bookings etc, tel. 07983 344 862 or email: friendsofthearttheatre@gmail.com