GOLF COLUMN: Secret to solid iron shots

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PGA Pro Sam Shaw hands out more useful tips for golfers.

What’s the secret to striking solid iron shots that shoot off the clubface with lots of speed?


That means it feels like you’re pinching the ball between the clubface and the ground at impact and continuing to “squeeze” it as the club continues through the hitting zone.

This is why good players make a solid click sound at impact with their irons, and it’s also why they hit their shots so far.

The first and simplest key to getting that powerful feeling of compression on your iron shots is to move the ball farther back in your stance.

Many players let the ball creep forward at setup, which promotes a glancing blow.

Irons hit from this position tend to lack power and often fly short and crooked.

Also, if the ball position is too far forward, you’re more likely to let the club head pass your hands too early in the downswing.

“Casting” the club like this leads to all kinds of miss-hits.