Colin Graves nominated for ECB chairman by Derbyshire CCC

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Colin Graves has been nominated for the role of England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) Chairman following the proposal from Derbyshire CCC chairman Chris Grant.

Grant believes Graves will be the ideal candidate and would be able to bridge the revenue gap between larger and smaller counties.

He said: “Colin is the ideal candidate to take on the role of chairman of the ECB.

“I was previously delighted to propose him as deputy chairman. This time he has asked if I would support him becoming chairman, which I was more than happy to do.

“Colin has a clear ambition to get a grip on cost at the centre of the ECB and get that money back to the counties.

“If Colin was able to feed another £300,000, say, through to the counties that would be far more significant to a county like Derbyshire.

“It would help us narrow the gap between us and the bigger counties.”

Derbyshire Chief Executive, Simon Storey added: “Chris Grant’s passion for Derbyshire and his ability to represent the county at the highest level means that we are increasingly at the heart of ECB debate and leadership.

“Chris’ nomination of incoming chairman Colin Graves is a reflection of the continually improving standing of Derbyshire within the national game under Chris’ leadership since his appointment as Derbyshire Chairman in 2011.”

No other nominations for the post of ECB Chairman were received and the candidacy of Mr Graves will now be put forward for election by the 41 members of ECB, being the Chairmen of the First Class County Clubs, the Chairmen of the County Boards in Non-First Class Counties, the Chairman of the Minor Counties Cricket Association and the Chairman of MCC.

Election papers will be sent out shortly and the result will be known towards the end of February.