Buxton HC too good for South Nottingham


Buxton HC’s men’s first team ended a run of tough games with an impressive 6-1 win at South Nottingham.

After a run of tough games for Buxton they were keen to take a win from bottom of the league, South Nottingham on their home turf.

South Nottingham won the push back but as soon as the ball moved, Buxton pressed fast and high, containing the play for much of the first half around south Nottingham’s 25 yard line.

For the most Buxton were patient, allowing South Nottingham to play the ball around their defensive line but on occasion, frustrated challenges allowed them to break.

However, the Buxton defence were solid and mopped up the ball time after time, maintaining the press.

The patience eventually paid off and Buxton attacked with a sharp ball in from James Whibberley-Cross reaching the stick of Max Bartholomew who deflected the ball home into the corner of the net.

This opened the flood gates and more goals quickly followed from Louis Forshaw-Perring along with a fantastic goal Joe Uprichard.who blasted the ball into the top right of the net, rocking the post.

The desire for glory and high press from Buxton left them vulnerable at the back and a long ball from South Nottingham put them on the break and with only two defenders back.

Jim Roe sprinted from the halfway line managing to clip the ball away from the attacker only to picked up by another at the top of the D.

With time to compose himself the attacker struck the ball hard and high; despite filling the net with bodies the ball struck the top left corner of the net. A great goal from South Nottingham.

The second half was a similar story and a goal soon came from Sam Longdon who neatly clipped the ball over the keeper from a fast ball fired into the D from Tom Griffin. This was quickly followed by another for Max Bartholomew as the ball rolled over from a scramble on the line.

The play mellowed after a South Nottingham defender was hit in the face by the ball and as play drew to a close a Buxton put together some great passing play to Sam Longdon who squared the ball across the goal to be slapped in, making it a hat-trick for Max Bartholomew. Bartholomew tried desperately to get one more in the dying second of the game but the whistle blew just before the ball left his stick to roll over the line.

South Nottingham showed some great passing play and individual skill. The potential for a great team is there to see but Buxton will need to wait until next season to see who rises to the challenge.