Motorsport: Debut outing of the year is deemed a huge success

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Buxton Raceway has hailed its maiden meeting of 2014, staged last weekend, as a success.

The weather held off for most of the raceday with the Junior Rods the first attraction of the day,

The event saw a nice turnout of cars take to the track for this fairly new formula to Buxton and a huge well done has to be given to Stockport racer Jak Parsons on winning the final.

The drivers in this formula are aged 10 to 16 and the Junior Rods are the future of oval racing in this country.

More children were racing in the National MiniStox with this formula racing purpose-built Mini’s with steel frames and bumpers around them as these are allowed to crash and to move the opponent out of the way with the front bumper.

Sunday also saw the staging of the Buxton Raceway Gold Top championship with Harry Peall winning, whilst the non-contact Hot Fords also drew in a good crowd.

• The next racing to take place at Buxton Raceway will be on Sunday March 16. Visit for more.