Three wins for Bukrejs

Buxton ABC's Andrejs Bukrejs. Photo contributed.
Buxton ABC's Andrejs Bukrejs. Photo contributed.

BUXTON Amateur Boxing Club fighter Andrejs Bukrejs has celebrated a hat-trick of wins.

Bukrejs travelled to Leicester for his third contest in a month boxing at welterweight, and the Buxton fighter was evidently the stronger of the two, pushing his opponent back with driving combinations.

Bukrejs seemed to be loading up the back hand as he threw his one-two combinations and his Leicester opponent managed to avoid a number of heavy attacks.

Inevitably some shots were landing, and the Buxton boxer’s use of the uppercut to catch the dipping head of his opponent was both hurtful and beneficial from a scoring perspective.

Switching to southpaw and back, Bukrejs looked impressive against a well-schooled opponent, picking up a hat-trick of fast wins.

l Buxton’s Jordan Pickering was pitched against Retford ABC’s top talent Foster at 65kg. Pickering lost this contest and went close in an excellent bout involving two top juniors, but was disappointed that the bout had not been extended to the four-round format.