Playoff settles Masters title

THE CAVENDISH Masters and knockout competitions brought the 2012 summer playing season at Cavendish Golf Club to a close.

The Masters resulted in a tie for first place between Kevin Bloor and Simon Cornwell, with Lloyd Marling taking third place. In a very tight play-off, Cornwell was successful on the 18th hole.

Bloor had the consolation of winning the singles knockout, beating Mark Chuwen.

The fourball knockout went to Jeff Haddon and Oliver Toseland, ahead of Ian Middleton and Darren Shipley.

Phil Major and Gary Mather were the winners of the foursomes knockout from Nick Norton and Jonathan Gaunt, while Mike Higgins and Maxine Chuwen won the mixed knockout over Pat and Chris Campbell. In the seniors knockout, Dave Wilcox overcame Ken Tindall.

The club turkey competition was won by brothers Mike and Mark Oakes with 43 points, ahead of John Slater and Tony King (42) and Simon Cornwell and Gary Pearson (42).

l Wilshaw Finney, Phil Heathcote, Chris Heathcote and Dave Howard, with 61 points, won the replayed Captains 4AM at Buxton & High Peak Golf Club on Sunday, from Claude Davies, Dave Moss, Des Houghton and Nick Berry (61 points) and Graham Brooks, Ged Merrick and Steve Leigh (60 points).

Saturday’s Winter League 4BBB Stableford was won by Eddie Anderson and Phil Gould (42 points), ahead of Ian White and Bob Scott (42 points), Gill Morris and Ron Clark and Phil Anderson and Ron Harrison (40 points).

Other results - Winter League 4BBB Stableford, October 20: 1st, Paul Longden & Eddie Anderson, 45 points; 2nd, John Summner & Phil Anderson, 45 points; 3rd, Paul Cheese & Carl Downing, 44 points; 4th, captain Paul Waring & Peter Cartledge, 44 points. Winter League 4BBB Stableford, October 21: 1st, Andrew Scowen & Eddie Anderson, 44 points; 2nd, Elvyn Birch & Ken Hammond, 44 points; 3rd, Keith Furness & Warren Furness, 44 points; 4th, Reg Taylor & Richard Mycock, 43 points. Seniors’ Colin Howe Memorial Greensome, October 22: 1st, Tony Hooper & Bryn Kelly, 39 points; 2nd, Harvey Lloyd & Barry McQuinn, 39 points; 3rd, Drue Turner & Barry Crawford, 39 points.

Ladies’ nine-hole Winter Competition 2: 1st, Christine Sherratt, 19 points; 2nd, Joanne Heap, 19 points.

Ladies’ nine-hole Winter Competition 1: 1st, Ann Fletcher, 13 points; 2nd, Judy Billinge, 13 points.