Know-it-all golfers frustrate Buxton players, according to survey

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The golfer who claims to know it all has been ranked the most frustrating to play a round of golf with by Buxton golfers, according to a recent survey.

The survey was undertaken by specialist golf insurance provider Golfplan.

They are not the only one to cause upset on the course, with just over a quarter of Buxton golfers saying those that cannot control their anger frustrates them too (28 per cent).

29 per cent of local men are particularly ‘putt off’ by noisy golfers who talk or cough while they try and focus on their shot, opposed to a fifth of women; they find those that sulk an annoyance (20 per cent).

Buxton players are also aggravated with certain behaviour on the course, eight per cent admitting the golfer that spends most of the game collecting balls, known as the ‘ball finder’ a nuisance.

One in 16 said the psych golfer gives them a headache and puts them off their game.

Buxton’s male golfers also reveal ‘the know it all’ to be the one most annoying behaviour on the fairways (49 per cent), and it seems as you age this increases with 40 per cent of 16-24 year old golfers getting irritated compared to over half (52 per cent) of golfers aged 55+.

Bad weather bothers local women, with just under a quarter disappointed when rain or snow calls off play (24 per cent) while 15 per cent of men get frustrated when mobile phones interrupt their game. East Midlands golfers would like the greens improved with 32 per cent admitting the quality of the courses infuriate them.

Ian Campbell, Distribution Manager UK Speciality Division at Golfplan, said: “Buxton golfers told us they spend on average £1388 a year on golf, but 23 per cent admitted to not insuring their equipment.

“Although you can’t always control the frustrations on the course, you can ensure you’re not left frustrated by lost, damaged or stolen golf items.”

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