Iddon retains title

Christian Iddon. Photo: Marty Hill.
Christian Iddon. Photo: Marty Hill.

CHRISTIAN Iddon made a return to Supermoto action for the final round of the British Supermoto Championship at Cadwell Park.

Iddon overcame a number of mechanical difficulties to take a clean sweep of wins and retain his ‘King Of The Hill’ title, which he won in 2010.

Qualifying was a resounding success for the former nine-time British Champion, as he soon found his pace on his Husaberg 650 machine. Iddon qualified on pole by an impressive 0.7s.

Unfortunately, prior to the start of the first race, Iddon discovered a major problem with his machine. With no chance of running the 650, Iddon was kindly lent a replacement Husaberg 550 machine from Dave Clarke Racing.

A poor start left Iddon down in fourth early in the opening race. He was able to make his way up to second before inheriting the lead when Lee Williams crashed in front of him. Iddon was then able to hold off the attentions of Chris Hodgson to take victory.

Iddon made a better start to the second race and built himself a healthy lead. A gearbox problem then meant that he was unable to maintain his pace, which allowed Hodgson to catch him. However, Iddon was able to ride around the problem and managed to hold on for another win.

With the gear selector issue sorted, Iddon made a good start in the final race. He followed Hodgson for a few laps before taking the lead and making a break. Iddon then ran very wide on the brakes and realised that he no longer had any rear brake. Once more he was able to change his riding style to get around the issue and he did enough to take a hat-trick of victories and retain his ‘King Of The Hill’ title.

“As ever, it was great to come back to racing Supermoto and it was even better to win,” he said. “I knew it was going to be a challenge but then all the little issues on the day made things even tougher.

“With the quick change of bikes just before the first race, it took a bit of getting used to. There were places where it just didn’t feel like my bike had done in qualifying.

“By the time we got to race two I was feeling much more at home on the bike. I started to struggle with gear selection and I was worried that it would go completely.

“As I entered the woodland, in the third race, I ran really deep. I wasn’t sure what it was at first but I soon realised I had completely lost my rear brake. I couldn’t believe it but didn’t want to give up my trophy too easily so I changed my style completely and had to smooth everything out. I was so relieved to cross the line in first once again and to keep my title!

“A great day all around and big thanks to Dave Clarke Racing, Silicone Engineering and Pemberton Tyres.”

Report: Sam Farrington